Buy our Garlic/Varieties

Buy Our Garlic

-Rich, Aromatic flavor, preferred Garlic for northern climate

-Seed Stock & Culinary Stock are Premium Grade and are hand selected

-Shipping begins August 20, 2021

  - Call RICH at: 607-435-2829  For more information.

                     *Minimum order: 10 LBS.

    *we are having problems with our web site: please: call  text or email us:

Seed Stock
 # LARGE -  (2--2.5")        $14.00 / lb.

Seed Stock & Culinary Stock
# MEDIUM - (1.75 -1.95")  $12.00 / lb.

German White
  large (Sold Out)
med ($12.00) [75 avail]
  large (Sold Out)
med ($12.00) [75 avail]
German Red
  large (Sold Out)
  med (Sold Out)
large ($14.00) [150 avail]
  med (Sold Out)
Spanish Roja
  large (Sold Out)
  med (Sold Out)
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