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            -WE ARE NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR OUR:                                     2021--GARLIC CROP                                                             

                                           *GARLIC QUESTIONS: (607-435- 2829) RICH 

      Skymeadow Farms: is a Certified Organic garlic and vegetable farm located in Upstate New York nestled on the edges of the Catskill Mountains and overlooking the Mohawk Valley.  

    Blessed with wonderful deep, rich, silt loam soil and clean spring fed water, makes for a perfect combination of producing delicious high quality gourmet garlic and vegetables. We use NO pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers and have been certified through both agencies: NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC and CNG (Certified Naturally Grown). 

    * We offer four varieties of certified organic hardneck garlic: GERMAN WHITE-  MUSIC-  GERMAN RED, & CHESNOK RED along with ECHALION (French Banana Shallot).


   * For the Fall and Winter markets, we now have the following Certified Organic items available through our website and local food co-ops: Gourmet: FINGERLING POTATOES: French Fingerling - AmarosaPurple Pelisse - Austrian Crescent; FRENCH BANANA SHALLOTS (ECHALION)  


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